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Avast Free Premier is certainly user friendly, but we found that the additional cost for extra features and the ads on the mobile version prevented this from being a five star product. Here, find out more about Avast Free Premier 2019 and how it compares with the best antivirus for PC. Let's begin with the price. £59.99/US$69.99 for one PC and one year feels high considering what's not included. On the purchase page, you realise that some functions included for free in other products are bolt-on additions here.

Avast Free power of two

Avast Free stand alone password manager, for example, will cost you another £19.99/$24.99. Avast Free Premier could be an expensive product if you want all the toys, though the integrated password manager for Firefox is free. Speaking of toys, if you're always on the lookout for ways to speed up your laptop, AV system startup tools are always an intersting and useful addition. Avast Free performance section of Avast Free Premier contains Cleanup Premium. This scans for system junk, broken registry items, and programs that can eat resources.

However, clicking the resolve button after the scan merely invites you to subscribe to Avast Free's cleanup tool for an annual fee. Avast Free same is true of clicking Resolve when viewing supposed privacy issues, which asks you to subscribe to the AntiTrack service.

Grab the Avast Free Connected advantage

After a simple installation, Avast Free Premier immediately gets down to business by asking what kind of network you're connected to, private or public. Your answer sets the rules for the in-built firewall. A popup then offers a network scan to make sure you begin securely. Several system scan types are also available. Avast Free cover a full system scan and a more targeted scan examining specific folders. For rootkit protection, there's the boot-time scan, which runs once at the next reboot. Simply select this, and the next time you reboot, your system is thoroughly scanned before Windows and any rootkits start up. This scan takes a while, but a handy percentage indicator shows progress as it runs. Smart Scan examines not only system security but also outdated software, browser add-ons, performance, and the rest of your network.

Keep your customers safe and your business growing

Avast Free core protective shield modules are much as you'd expect, scanning files as they're opened, blocking dodgy web sites, and stopping dangerous incoming mail. Most interesting is the behaviour shield, which warns you if an application suddenly starts performing suspicious operations. This functionality is something normally associated with so-called next generation anti-virus products. Also very welcome is the ransom ware shield, which protects your files from being turned to porridge until you make a payment to get them back. Avast Free ransom ware shield protects several folders by default and it's easy to add more.

Avast Free partner ecosystem

New for 2019 is the Do Not Disturb Mode. This detects programs that when in full screen mode, Avast Free will suppress system and application popups. It automatically recognises games as you play them. This works well. Playing War Thunder while sending emails to myself from another machine resulted in no mail popups until the game was over, after which came a deluge, as if they'd been queued for delivery. As with other antivirus products, you can right click a file and scan it. You can simply right click the program in question and select “Run in sandbox”. Avast Free also an option to always run the program in the sandbox.

Intel Avast Free Partner Program Ecosystem
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  • Global Alliance
  • AVG Activate Innovation Alliance
  • Embedded & OEM
  • Global System Integrator
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Support Provider Specialization** Yes        
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  • Business Enablement
  • Profitability Programs
  • Sales Support
  • Enablement Training
  • Technical Support

*Service Delivery Specialization will be available 2H 2015.

**Formerly Avg Authorized Support Provider Program (MASP)